Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everest Cafe

Last week we visited Everest Cafe, a St. Louis restaurant that serves authentic Nepalese, Korean, and Indian food. The owner, Devi Gurung States, grew up in Nepal, and his wife is from South Korea. Dr. States is committed to promoting better health and serving high-quality food. His amazing story can be read here, on the restaurant's website.

First, we ordered an appetizer tray that contained Vegetable Mo-Mo (Tibetan dumplings stuffed with vegetables, cumin, garlic, ginger, and spices), Vegetable Samosas (pastry puffs filled with potatoes, onion, and coriander) and Vegetable Pakoras (vegetables coated in chickpea flour and--gulp--deep fried). The appetizers were served with the best tamarind sauce I've ever tasted.

For my entree, I had Tama Bodi Tarkari, a wonderful combination of blackeyed peas, potatoes, bamboo shoots, and tomato sauce, served with steamed rice. My husband chose Mixed Organic Vegetable Tarkari with Tofu, cooked in a Nepali-style sauce, and served with green onions-- spicy and delicious. The two kids who came with us didn't eat vegetarian, but my daughter's entree came with Everest Dahl, a mellow lentil soup made with Himalayan herbs and spices.

The food was fantastic, there were good vegetarian options, and the ambience was casual and enjoyable. I'll definitely visit The Everest Cafe again!

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