Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aya Sofia

I haven't posted any recipes or menu ideas all week--I've been too busy to do more than throw together some very basic meals. My son Will is heavily involved in his high school's FIRST Robotics team (see photos above), and they're in the midst of their intense robot-building season. The team has just six weeks to build a functioning robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics regionals beginning in February. This year's game has a moon rover theme--the robots must maneuver on a low-friction playing field that simulates lunar conditions. The object is to throw balls into trailers towed by the opposing teams' robots, while preventing other teams from placing balls in your robot's trailer.

At the same time, my daughter Emma has been working on a theatrical production--scroll down to the next post for more on this--and my husband is rehearsing for his role (Mr. MacMillan) in an upcoming production of Big! with Shrewsbury Community Theatre. Add in work, and meetings, and ... yeah, we've been a little busy.

Last night between attending Emma's play and getting over to the Fox for Legally Blonde, we went to Aya Sofia, a wonderful Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant in our neighborhood. As an appetizer, we ordered pitas with a tray of three dips--Biber Ezme (a roasted red pepper dip), Hummus, and Baba Ghanous. Next came a Turkish salad. For my entree, I had Imam Bayildi--baked eggplant with tomato sauce, served with lightly braised green beans and orzo. The eggplant was wonderful--it absolutely melted in your mouth! It was certainly higher in fat than what we usually eat, but it was a special day; we were celebrating Emma's dramatic accomplishments.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Aya Sofia. Sounds delish! We've got it on our list.